Becoming a Kindle Author



Publishing your work on Amazon and becoming an Amazon book seller is one of the best ways to make money as an author. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing makes your work available to a massive audience and ensures you make some good money, likewise.


However, the process of becoming a successful kindle e-book writer can be a bit confusing. Taking a first look, it seems daunting and scary. Notwithstanding, you can become the next Amazon bestseller, provided you are fueled with the right knowledge and information.


Hence, here are four simple steps to becoming a successful Kindle author.






This is by far the easiest step in the implementation of the whole process. Registering as a kindle e-book writer is super easy and does not require excessive documentation. With just your email address or your phone number, you can sign up and be the proud owner of your own Amazon K.D.P account. It is, however, advisable to take the pain to source and make available, to your best capability, a considerable wealth of information. It is better to have a robust and fully functional account and profile rather than an incomplete and skeletal registration. Also, while you can open your account in not more than three simple steps, it is always smarter and better to go the extra mile of setting up how you would prefer to be paid.






Before publishing your book on Amazon, it is advisable that you select the category you want your book to feature in. You want to get familiar with books in your space and what your potential readers are into. If you do not have your book ready, this will guide you in writing quality stories that would be wildly accepted and possibly get good reviews. If you have your book ready to go, researching the numerous book categories on Amazon would help you decide where to publish your work to get the most sales.


That said, there are a lot of categories and subcategories. Two major factors to consider while deciding what category to put your book under are Content and Competition.


·         Content: Be as specific and genuine as possible in choosing your category. Each category has sub categories which have sub categories, therein. In some situations, there are over four layers from you to better categorize your work. This makes it less tasking for readers to find your book. Veteran readers have grown a taste for specific genres and you selecting the subgenre you want to feature in helps your chances at success. It is important to note that choosing a subcategory does not mean you would not pop up on the main category page. By choosing the perfect and most detailed niche, your book would keep coming up as your potential readers narrow their search.


·         Competition: Before posting your book in a particular category or preferably before writing at all, scope out the competition. How many writers are in your space? Can you produce something new, better, or original? The best categories are categories with high demand and low supply. This would increase your chances at becoming a star and best seller.


No lies. For maximum sales and results, you want to choose a category that best describes your book's content and has relatively low competition. Hence, the more reason you have to focus on developing good content, so as to help your chances at putting in check prospective competitors.





This goes beyond writing. To be a successful Kindle author, you have to do more than just write. You need a catchy and expressive book cover. You also need to ensure that your work has been proofread and follows the correct format. Books with boring or pirated covers are usually ignored by readers and can be pulled down by Amazon for plagiarism.


Avoid the temptation to copy and paste a picture from the internet or design a tacky book cover yourself. If you want your book to succeed, you must be ready to spend some money to get professional help. From writing to proofreading and editing and finally creating a catchy book cover, many processes go into creating a perfect e-book. Thus, you might not be able to fully accomplish the task all by yourself, so play to your strength and pay for the rest. If your content is good, you will recuperate your investment in no time.





This is where most writers miss it. Unlike getting a book deal and going through traditional publishers, publishing online requires you to do your own marketing. It is called self-publishing for a reason. Yes, you have succeeded in publishing your book on Amazon. However, there are a hundred other books available online competing for your reader's attention.  


From online ads to leveraging your community of friends and fellow writers, every marketing strategy is fair game. Tell your friends about your book and tell them to order. You can even send a snippet to them before you launch. Leverage the power of social media, and do not shy away from approaching blogs to review your book. Ultimately the first few weeks after you launch your book on Amazon are the most crucial. If you don't get good reviews or good sales after the first month, chances are that your book would never rise up in rank. To avoid falling into the humongous pile of long-forgotten tails and content, ensure that your launch is a roar, not a whisper.




Writing is about creativity and content. However, publishing is about having good strategies and a wealth of information. When it comes to self-publishing, you must be ready to do everything yourself, either directly or indirectly. The platform is available, but you still have to run the race.