7 Things To Do in Blacksmiths Beach



Are you thinking about spending a day on the Lake and having the best fun you have ever had? Yeah! You have got the best wish, and on the Blacksmiths beach, your dreams will come to reality. It is an accommodative lake that gives superb experience to every visitor from all walks of life. Do you care to know more about this Lake? Let me take you a bit further.



Blacksmiths Beach is popular for its uncrowded and family-friendly nature. It is a safe haven for swimmers as there is a break wall that protects the beach from the big swell. Blacksmiths Beach lies at the end of the southern part of Nine Mile Beach, which is the northern part of the Swansea Channel.

The beach is often patrolled at Lake Macquarie, which makes it safe for swimming. You only have to follow the identified safest spots on the coast. Blackies (another name for Blacksmiths beach) is a right spot for vacation and fun. The beach is laid with different opportunities for cruising and enjoyment. Let me take you through some of the good things you will enjoy on the Lake.


Smooth Sailing Kayaking

Your day on the Lake Macquarie will be incomplete if you fail to enjoy the kayak smooth sailing cruise it offers. It will be nice if you start your day at the foothills of the Watagan Mountains. The Lake receives an abundance of flow from Dora Creek, which is a fantastic spot for kayaking. If you love doing this, you can paddle upstream to Cooranbong, and as a novice, exploring round the Dora Creek locality is not bad either.


Walking through the Watagans

Your day can be spiced up with a bush walk around the Watagan Mountains. There are several trails you can choose from. These trails have their length and level of difficulty. So, you’ve got to choose the right track that suits your experience. Among the trails, there is an impressive one that leads Gap Creek Falls, passing through rainforest gullies and clusters of Illawarra Flame Trees for exciting sightseeing.


Drive Your Way Through the Beach

How would you feel if you could drive your way through on a sandy beach? Exhilarated, right? Well, this is one of the great things you can do on Blacksmiths Beach. Visitors are permitted to drive with a 4WD on the beach. Yeah, you read it!

All you need is to get a permit to drive. This opportunity was created in 2015. Ensure you’ve your 4WD registered and obtain the permit, and you know what? You are free to cruise 6km on soft sand. The permit is issued online and in a designated outlet. At Blacksmith’s Hardware, Turea St. and Pacific Hwy, you will get your permit. Present your driver’s license and vehicle registration, and you are good to go.

Since you will be driving on soft sand, let me give you a hint. It is advised that you reduce your tire’s pressure to 15psi to prevent it from getting bogged. Don’t forget to take recovery equipment such as a shackle, shovel, a tire deflator, and compressor with you.


Enjoy the Ambience of the Stars

While you are on the beach, going out into one of the campsites at Wangi Point Holiday Park is an excellent choice to make. You get to spend the night under the stars. Marshmallows toasting on a campfire is great during winter.


Remember to take selfies

Going on a vacation is a memory that is worth keeping. At Blacksmiths Beach, there are several awesome spots for a nice selfie. You don’t have to look far away. You can take a nice shot at cafĂ© Macquarie mural in Belmont. The place is adorned with colorful giant wildlife murals. Another cool spot is Belmont Wharf. With its beautiful daylight and ambience, you get to give life to the memories you keep.


Relive your love for game

Lake Macquarie makes it possible for every visitor to express their love for golf. There are different golf clubs around the Lake. You may join Belmont Golf Club or Waratah Golf Club, among others.


Get your Adrenaline Active

How about you increase your adrenaline rush a bit? Yes, Lake Macquarie offers you this opportunity. You can skydive across the beach or fly in an airborne flight with training that comes with it. You can also engage yourself in JetBuzz watersports. Your love for hardsports is highly encouraged on the Lake.

A day on Blacksmiths beach, if well spent, can be more memorable than your imagination. Prepare yourself to enjoy all that nature has to offer on the Lake and enjoy the best vacation you’ve ever wished for.