Cruising the Fernleigh Track


Your visit to Lake Macquarie will be incomplete if you don’t get to visit the Fernleigh track for a walk or a ride. The track is outstanding for being among the most exciting shared paths in the area. It doesn’t discriminate against gender or age. That is, it is a suitable trail for both the old and young to thread.

On the Fernleigh track, you get to enjoy a 15 km of smooth and interesting walk or cycling on a well-paved pathway surrounded by quiet and serene bushland and wetland. The track lies between Adamstown and Belmont. At first sight, you will fall in love with the trail as it finds its way away from the roads.


The Background

The Fernleigh Track was completed in 2011 on a former railway line. The track got its name from the valley that lies beneath Highfields' high suburb located to the south of the Pacific Highways. The valley was an area of the former Adamstown-Belmont rail line. The name Fernleigh was introduced around 1922 following the set up of a coal mine in the area. Over the years, the Fernleigh track has increased in popularity among cyclists and hikers. There is no doubt that going to Lake Macquarie to cycle the 15 kilometers Fernleigh track is worth it.


The Track Outlook

Going on a 15Km fun cycling is an excellent deal for anyone wishing to relax and have fun.  For Fernleigh track, the track starts from Belmont, which is the best place to start either your cycling or walk. Along the trail, you will find cafes nearby. For your comfort, at the start of the track, there is a drinking fountain and toilets are set up in nearby places.

The most taxing part of the track is the first part, which may prove challenging for kids and older people. The track is slightly sloppy uphill, which may not be obvious to the eyes, but the result will come up for weak legs. You don’t have to force yourself with the cycling or hiking experience as there are benches along the path for you to stop at any point and rest. So, you’ve got the opportunity to have mini rests.

The second half of the track is a go-to area for kids. It starts sloping down right from the middle of the trail to the end. So, anyone cycling can easily roll down the hill effortlessly. At the end of the track, there is an exciting old railway tunnel that you can traverse.

The Fernleigh Track is conducive and embraces all forms of people. You can bring your dog along to the track. There are distance markers that let you know the number of kilometers you’ve circled and road signs that inform you about your location along the trail. The road signs help to locate cafes or nearby beaches, among other locations. You will also come across old railway stations that serve as the route for transporting coal and people from Lake Macquarie to Newcastle.


The Route

The Fernleigh track has a simple route. So, be rest assured that you will not be lost. Starting from Belmont, you will either walk or cycle through a wetland forest. Along the path, you will see overhanging trees and a high boardwalk that are laid across a swamp. This is the are you hear the chirping of birds and their sonority.

Once you leave this area, you will reach Jewel, a place for you to refill your water bottles. From there, you will cross the road and pass through bushland. Ahead of you, there is a side road leading to Redhead Beach. If you are cycling or walking the Fernleigh track during a warm season, it will be nice to take a detour to Redhead Beach. It is often patrolled during summer.

When you reach the middle of the trail, you start rolling downhill until you reach Adamstown. But before you reach Adamstown, you will come across a 181-meter rail tunnel beneath the Pacific Highway. The tunnel brings excitement for visitors with its curved medieval outlook brick. It is wrapped by vegetation but has awesome yellow ceiling lights inside.

There is a café next to the track right before you are Adamstown at the end of your ride. It is a nice place for you to take a bite. It takes one to two hours to cycle the track, depending on your company and your activities along the trail.


How to Reach Fernleigh Track

Take a train on the Central Coast and Newcastle line and alight at Adamstown Station.

For your trip to lake Macquarie, remember to cruise the peaceful and accommodating Fernleigh track for the maximum benefit of your vacation and time.