Explore the Cave Beach with its Beauty


The cave beach is located in Lake Macquarie, in the South of Newcastle, near Swansea. It is a popular spot known for several recreational and relaxation activities such as swimming, sunbaking, surfing etc. It is a trendy spot where people are fond of visiting to catch fun and enjoy the sight of mother nature, the coastal view, and different types of ships on the pacific ocean.

The term "Cave Beach" is gotten because it has a network of caves that look like a moonscape, with big rocks and non-sequential rock patterns. The rocks are not equally sized, so you might have to crawl or assume other positions before navigating between the caves.


Experiences for You 

Upon arrival at the Cave Beach, either through public transport or by your car, places you can visit or things you can engage in are;

The Sea Caves: When you stay at the back of the cave, it gives you a vivid and beautiful view of the sea through the caves' opening. This particular location will be best to take those beautiful pictures.

Tidal Pools: It is advised that you have your shoes or footwear on. The beach is surrounded by a tidal pool that houses many sea creatures, so you won't want to dip your leg in one of those.

Sands: The cave beach is virtually the only cave you can find that has sands locked into the rocks inside it and runs into the sea in such a unique and beautiful way.

You can do other exciting things at the cave beach: surfing, sunbath, or merely taking a walk.

There is also provision for some social amenities for you to put to use, such as the Showers, Toilets, BBQ, Kiosk and Picnic facilities etc.

Best Hotels to Stay

If you are spending a longer duration at the beach, then you should note this. While on the beach, you can spend some time on the Central Coast. Perhaps you will be staying much longer; you can check out the "Caves Coastal Bar and Bungalows" where you will have access to a pool, restaurant and pub where you and your family can go to catch more fun and relax. Below are some of the best hotels you can lodge. 

Sea Esta: This hotel is located in Caves Beach, and it has a patio and garden views. It is a clean, modern and comfortable property that gives solace to every visitor. Its rooms are air-conditioned and it offers free WiFi and a private parking space for every guest. The hotel offers a three-bedroom apartment with an equipped kitchen that is ready for use. Also, you can hike, fish and engage in cycling in the environment.   

Neds on Northcote: When you talk of affordability, this is your go-to hotel. The hotel makes you feel comfortable with its balcony and garden view. Of course, the hotel is fitted with air conditioners. There is also free WiFi and a private parking space for you. The hotel offers a two-bedroom apartment with an organized kitchen that is good to use. On the property, there is a garden with a barbecue, and you also have the opportunity of hiking and fishing nearby. 


Finding Your Way 

You can get to the Caves Beach either by car or public transport. From Sydney, the ride with public transport will take about 4 hours as opposed to 2.5 hours with a car. The parking space near the Caves Beach is free of charge and it can house 25 cars. If you are traveling with a public transport, make sure to check the schedule before your trip.