Catherine Hill Bay is located on Lake Macquarie, on the south of the Pacific Ocean. It is a coastal bay and a small village in New South Wales, Swansea, Australia. This Coastal bay and small village on the Southern Peninsula are considered one of the oldest continuous settlements at the City of Lake Macquarie Local Government Area.  

Catherine Hill Bay is known to house the Awabakal of the Aboriginal people. The settlement was established following the purchase of the land on the 1st of April, 1865. The land was initially used as a coal mining in 1873 by the New Wallsend Company. Overlooking the bay is a surf club that is known to be suitable for recreational purposes. The name “Catherine Hill Bay” was obtained in commemoration of Catherine Hill; a schooner that docked in 1867.

If you are looking for a spot for recreation, fun, and relaxation, then it’s high time you considered Catherine Hill Bay. Very briefly, let me take you through exciting places to visit, how to get there, and where to stay.


Things to do/Places to Visit

Outlined below are exciting things you can decide to do, or places to visit in the Catherine Hill Bay:

Beaches Catherine Hill Bay: It is a subdivision of the bay outside the heritage village's premises. It surrounds the hill bay with a housing development of 550 houses. The beaches are overshadowed by bright blue skies that glister all over the Pacific. You get to come in contact with turquoise seas in solemn matrimony with white sand. The area is incredible for a look with the presence of lush coastal forests surrounding it. The environment makes you feel secluded within the ambiance of a natural coastal amphitheater. It is a beautiful place you will always want to see.

The Surf Club: Also known as Surf lifesavers, you find them readily available to render lifeguard services and other sporting activities. When you join this club, you receive education and training to empower you with the skills you need to save lives while you are fit and active. Also, you get the chance to be involved in surf sports activities. The club allows every member to impact other people.

Middle Camp: This is a residential area surrounded by high hills. By the roadside, you will find miners' cottages used as far back as the 19th century. Reaching the middle camp is not difficult. All you've got to do is drive off the Pacific Highway and go through Flowers Drive. Within 1.5km of drive, you are in middle camp. Some of the miner's cottages you will find there are now used as rental accommodation. Staying in the camp for a while will bring nostalgic feelings of the past that you were not present in. It creates a remarkable memory.

Koolewong Coastal Ecotours: Your stay in Catherine Hill Bay will be incomplete if you don't get to see the ecology, flora, and fauna of the environment. With the aid of Koolewong Coastal Ecotours, you will gain access to the traditional fauna and flora of the aboriginal bushland people. They have well-trained guides that will make this possible.

Cam Wharf: A good place you can also visit is Cam Wharf. When you move westwards away from the highway, you find yourself going through Cams Wharf road, which leads to Crangan Bay, which is located in the south-eastern part of Lake Macquarie. The bay's western boundary is marked by a picnic area with a boat ramp and views west toward Point Wolstoncroft, which is at the edge of the peninsula. The Eraring Power Station is found on the lake's western shore in a far distance with the mountains in the background. You get to see Pulbah Island, which is a nature reserve around the area, and you will see Wangi Wangi Point along the north-west.

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How to get there

Catherine Hill Bay is north of Sydney (1hr 40 min) and South of Newcastle (30 min). You might need to use google maps for driving directions.


Where to Stay

The Catho Pub: Peradventure if you are hungry, the first available option to get your dinner or lunch is the Catho Pub. Catho Pub is a friendly place for every visitor. You will enjoy the bands' performance on Saturday and Sunday, and it gives room for kids to express themselves with its small play arena. You can bring your dog along to the Pub and be rest assured that you will be served awesome wine. The Pub has a serene environment with a number of beautiful beaches close by it. It will give you the treatment you seek.

Embrace Cottage: Another option you’ve got, among other options, is Embrace cottage. It has complimentary private parking for all comers. In the hotel, you gain access to two rooms, a living room, and a well-equipped kitchen that has a fridge and microwave, and a bathroom. The cottage also offers a flat-screen TV and DVD to its guests. So, it is a home away from home. There is the opportunity to hike and fish around the cottage. 

Having a personal experience for yourself is the sure plug for you to understand the level of fun and excitement awaiting you on Catherine Hill Bay. The list of exciting places and things to do is endless and not limited to earlier discussed topics. However, you should note that deciding to visit the bay is an action you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Make haste and have a visit to the Catherine Hill Bay to catch fun, relax, and enjoy all that the bay has to offer.