Content marketing as an important entity to create awareness about a particular product or service can be simply put as the creation of valuable content that attracts, acquire and, engage audiences who have the potentials to become customers to a brand.

VALUABLE is the keyword here because the contents have to be valuable enough to even attract anybody.


This exercise is an important feature if a brand is ready to publicly announce itself. In fact, an individual can use it to make known to the world who he is and what he does.

Content marketing has one use, PUBLICITY. Though PUBLICITY is the mother reason, there are other baby reasons for content creation that birthed content marketing. Why do you, as a brand or an individual, need content writing?


This article will explain all; however, before the explanations, it is mandatory to understand some of the various examples of content marketing. They are a lot, but it cannot be exhausted in this writing; therefore, below are some of the examples of content marketing;


Webpages: this is a medium for more information on a product or service. If you notice, whenever you come across any product advertisement, it almost always ends with a ‘for more information, visit our website www. …’ there, we have the website going. But, a webpage needs to have contents for you to visit; therefore, the contents have to be interesting and not just plain.


Podcasts: these are audios explaining a topic or simply addressing a matter. In it is content creation and, of course, a marketing strategy.


Videos: this is a form of staying in front of the camera to say something about a product or service. Many times, we find this on YouTube channels.

Others include; books, public speaking, and e-books.




Mentioned earlier is the fact that the main reason for marketing is for publicity, yet, there are many other baby reasons for it, these includes


Content marketing is used to create awareness about a product or service to be rendered. Here, the customers have to be attracted o that product in order for them to get interested in it.

For example, a new product needs customers; therefore, they need to create awareness about that product to gain customers. It is no news that some products exist in the market, and people have survived using them.

You or the company will have to devise ways to make people believe your product is better than the existing ones. Make them see the reasons why your product has something better to offer through promos, discounts, and product quality. This may not be possible if there are no convincing strategies like content marketing to help.

Expand customer base

As an existing product or brand, you may not be satisfied with the customers you have. As a matter of fact, there is always an Oliver twist attitude towards acquiring customers.

Therefore, it is important that the contents used to get these customers are carefully chosen, hence an expertized content marketing. An old brand or an existing company will always want to expand their customer base for more sales and, of course, PUBLICITY.

Increase sales

Whether online or offline, a brand wants to make sales and make profits, or what use is a brand if it does not sell its products? Therefore, content marketing also helps to increase sales.


Build customer loyalty

Customers are a brand’s target because they make the brand survives; without them, there can be no sales and profits; therefore, they are the most important factor to consider.

Nevertheless, customers have to love the brand and be loyal to it. This will make them buy your products or hire your services, and you can only achieve this with the valuable content you upload for their consumption.


Make customers re-visit your site

As a brand that has a website or webpage, it is expedient that you upload very informative and interesting contents that the customers want to see and read; it is a must to provide solutions to even problems they have not thought about even after solving the problems they have or had in mind. Good content marketing will help the customers visit your site again, satisfying the Oliver twist thirst of the brand.


Build brand authority

It is not enough to be a good brand; it is always better to be the better one. After making the customers believe your products are the best.

You also have to convince them that you know what you are doing and can solve every problem, be it present or future problem. This, in turn, makes customers believe in you, making you the superhero of the industry; hence, a brand authority. Content marketing is vital here.


Gain social media attention full time

It is good to create contents that people want to read; it is better to create contents that people want to share. Social media is a very fast way to gain customers as long as people share your works.

Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are examples of major social media. Imagine the contents on your webpage is fascinating enough to share; individuals will surely share them on their own personal pages for others to see, therefore gaining you more customers.

There are other reasons for content marketing; we can list many others but may not be able to exhaust them. Mainly, you are to see and know the reasons for you to have good content for the mother reason for PUBLICITY.

To gain proper publicity, you need good content writing; therefore, you need the services of a good content writer or marketer. As a growing brand, existing one or intending, you need a good content writer to grow your business and gain more publicity.

To make more sales and profits, you need content writing. You can do almost nothing without it as a brand, individual, or company.